The ZIPTM lure has a quality head centrifugally casted on a stainless steel blade with two lazer sharp treble hooks. Assorted sizes and colors are available.

 The ZIPTM  lure's unique vibrating action makes it excellent for fishing any game fish in any season. Use it jigging, casting, or trolling. The ZIP is a favorite of professional and guides. It's been featured numerous times on "John Gillespie's Waters and Woods" and "Walleye Insider" and "In-Fisherman" magazines.

Zip Lure can be found at your local Fleet and Farm and Bass Pro Shops



Zip Lure

"For trophy fish of ALL species, I suggest trying the new 1-1/4oz ZIP Lure!"

Pete Maina- Muskey Mania owner and Esox Magazine founder

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